Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

You may have heard that Trainers Kit is the best website and funnel builder for service-based businesses in Nigeria today.

If you did, they weren’t mincing words.

But it still doesn’t mean our beloved platform is all-perfect.

Although, what Trainers Kit offers is certainly too good to be true…

We’ll be showing you some of our humble shortcomings as well as our proud strengths.

Let’s take a deep dive, shall we?


No Tech Knowledge or Experience Needed

If you have at least seen our website homepage, you'd recognize this as one of our strongest selling points.
Trainers kit was born out of the need to help coaches, trainers, and digital product creators. handle their website and email marketing funnels all by themselves without any tech experience or coding knowledge.
We went over and beyond to make the platform as basic as possible.
If you love handling the idea of having full control of your website, being able to edit your website, sales funnels, and emails on the go, without any back and forth with your website designer, then Trainers kit is the right fit for you.

Too Affordable To Be True

That's right?
When you think of the numerous benefits and features Trainers Kit offers compared to the price of our monthly subscription, you might be puzzled if we make any profits at all.

Our goal right from the onset was to create an affordable option for solopreneurs and small business owners who can't afford overpriced CMS, landing page builders, and eCMS subscriptions.

With less than N4000 a month, you can have access to several cutting edge features like:

  • Building your landing pages.
  • Designing your website.
  • Automating your email marketing funnel.
  • Free hosting and domain and a few others.

Unbeatable Customer Support

The secret to any successful brand lies in its ability to help its customers win. Because of this, at Trainers Kit, we are willing to go to great lengths to help you build a successful online business. Our customer support comes in two forms:

1] Our exhaustive library of tutorial videos to get you through all of the features on Trainers kit and have you launching your first email marketing campaign in no time.

2) Our telegram support group is for Trainers kit users to have their questions answered, provide tech support when needed and help them with any assistance they might need at any point in time.

Pre-built Sales Funnel Systems and Templates

Hiring someone to infrastructure an email marketing sales funnel for you would on average cost you 5 figures and above. But we've done all that for you.

We even went as far as architecting five different email marketing sales funnels for different purposes which include the webinar launch funnel, product launch funnel, evergreen funnel e.t.c

All you have to do is edit the already built funnel with content in the needed places and launch. Bliss right?


Since Trainers kit was created specifically for trainers, coaches, and digital product creators, we’ll highlight our humble shortcomings concerning this target audience.

So far, the only limitation we have been able to recognize is the:

Absence of an Online School Feature.

We recognize that tutors and instructors who have grown their business to a certain level would like to have their own e-learning management system or an online school website where they can host their courses and students can log in to take these courses.
However, Trainers kit doesn't currently offer an online school feature.

You can either choose to use a third-party application to host your courses which can be easily linked to your website on Trainers kit or build your personal e-learning management system from scratch.

Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

Pros and Cons Of Trainers Kit

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