How To Edit Other Pages On Your Website

“I am done editing my home page and I want to edit my about me page. I am clicking on the “about me” option on my menu, but it is not taking me anywhere, what am I not doing right?”

If this is a question you are asking, this article will give you full clarity.

You cannot edit another page while you have the live editor ON. You have to save (or discard) your changes on the current page and exit the live editor on that page. Then you can open the new page that you want to edit and use switch ON your live editor.

Here is an example below:

I am editing the front page of my website and the live editor is ON

To edit the “work with me” page (for instance), I have to save (or discard) my changes and exit the Live editor.

To save your changes, click on DONE at the left bottom corner of your screen. Then choose DISCARD or PUBLISH.

Please note: DISCARD annuls your changes: PUBLISH saves your changes, CANCEL keeps you on the current page to continue editing

After exiting the live editor, choose the particular page that you will like to edit and click on your live editor to begin your work on it.

Let us know in the comments section below if you found this helpful, if you need further clarification or if there is a something you need a step by step guide on how to do.

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