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The Experts at Trainerskit.com, a Do-It-Yourself Sales Funnel & Website Platform, is empowering only 50 highly motivated and ambitious business owners…

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What You'll Learn In This 7-Day Value-Packed Bootcamp?

Day 1

You still don't quite understand how a sales funnel works? We've Got You!

Your journey to becoming a sales funnel pro begins here. We’ll expose you to different sales funnel hacks that top Coaches & Course Creators use to grow and convert their audience.

Day 2

You don't like complicated things?

Then this one’s for you.

We’ll expose you to a powerful tool that helps you create high-converting sales funnels without learning any line of code or having any previous tech experience.

Day 3

Special Copywriting-for-profit masterclass.

What is a sales funnel without a bomb-ass copy?

You guessed right.

We’ll be having some of our best copywriters train you and share some secret hacks to writing copy that converts.

Day 4

DIY Practical Class

We’ll have a practical session where everyone can practise all they’ve learnt so far.

Day 5

Learn how to edit and design several attractive landing pages using a simple tool that does all of the work for you.

Day 6

Designing your first high-converting sales funnel

We’ll take you through the A-Z of linking your landing pages, lead magnet, email sequence and automating the whole process using a simple tool that takes 90% of the work away.

Day 7

Grand Finale

  • Q & A session to answer all your residual questions.
  • Secret marketing hacks to ensure your long-term success.
  • Submitting your entry For The Sales Funnel Prized Competition.

Other benefits include:

Access to a community of like-minded coaches and digital product creators like yourself

Accountability, support, and guaranteed results---as long as you do your part.

Privilege of working one on one with our sales funnel experts and copywriters.

No, This Is Not For Everyone.

We are giving out value loaded information in this 7 days bootcamp and so we have to be sure you are a great fit for this program.

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